To register, just click on Register , then fill the form as you choose the user type which is either an individual seller, a dealer or an agent and submit the details by clicking on the button named Register.

If you get a response that your phone number or the email address already exists, that means that you had already created an account and thus you need to login directly. If you don't remember your password, just click on the link named Forgot Your Password? then follow the few steps required to reset your password.

To post a vehicle(s), just login to your account using your email and password then on the left hand side of your account there is a link named Vehicles, click on that link then choose to post your vehicle either for sale or for hire then Post Vehicle

If at any point you get it hard to post the vehicle either for sale or hire, just give us a call through +254702516945 and we will be able to help you out.

For Vehicles On Sale:

Below are the subscription fees at every category:

# Number of Vehicle(s) Subscription Fee Per Month (Ksh.)
1 - 10 2,500.00
11 - 20 5,000.00
21 - 30 7,500.00
31 - 40 10,000.00
40 - 100000 15,000.00

For Vehicles On Hire:

For vehicles on hire, each vehicle is paid Ksh. 1500 per month

Once you identify the vehicle you want to buy, just click on its image or the title to access the full details of the vehicle including the phone number and the email address of the seller, please call or email the seller to plan on the meetup.

NOTE: Please always meet at a safer open place for the business. We won't be responsible for any criminal scene between.

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